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·  "How can I get instruction on how to meditate,
      and how much does it cost?"

·  "Do you have to be a Buddhist to meditate?"

·  "What benefit is there in learning this practice?"
      "Will I feel better when I do it?"

·  "What kinds of seminars and programs do you
      have at the center?"

·  "What are your hours?"

·  "Where is the Shambhala Center Located?"

·  "What is your telephone number?"

"How can I get instruction on how to meditate,
and how much does it cost?"

   We have found that the most effective way to learn meditation is by taking part in a program that gives you not only the actual meditation technique but also the view behind why one meditates. Our How To Meditate programs present meditation this way. They are held on Thursday evenings ($15 suggested donation) and Saturdays ($35).
   If you are ready for a full weekend program, the Shambhala Training Level I Program ($100) also provides initial meditation instruction and provides a lot of time to try the practice and discuss it.
   It is also possible to arrange for individual meditation instruction by appointment by sending an email to meditation@philashambhala.org. There is no charge for this service.

"Do you have to be a Buddhist to meditate?"
No. The practice of meditation is open to anyone who is interested in cultivating a contemplative practice. The simple technique of mindfulness/awareness practice can benefit people of any spiritual tradition or way of life.

"What benefit is there in learning this practice?"
      "Will I feel better when I do it?"

   The basic practice we present develops mindfulness. This is our ability to focus our mind on a particular object. The practice also develops one's awareness - the sense of our surroundings. In the process of cultivating these qualities, our mind slows down and becomes better able to relate with the situations life presents. As to whether or not you feel better, that is difficult to answer. As your mind becomes more stable, you become more aware of feelings and sensations that previously were unnoticed. These could very well include feelings that we have been trying to avoid. When we become more aware, we have to be willing to be aware of everything, not just the things we want. So, we can't guarantee that you will feel "better" but we can say that you will be working towards being fully alive. Over time there also develops a feeling of confidence and balance that we begin to recognize as our natural state.
   Click here if you would like to read an article on "How to Meditate" by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, spiritual and secular head of Shambhala International.

"What kinds of seminars and programs do you have at the center?"
The center sponsors a broad range of programs rooted in various contemplative practices. In addition to holding weekend meditation programs, we offer study courses, arts programs, Open Houses on the first Wednesday of the month, visits by Shambhala and Buddhist teachers, and yearly parties celebrating the summer solsitice and the lunar New Year.

"Will meditation practice cure baldness?"
Uh, no.

"What are your hours?"
We're open Monday-Thursday from 7-8 p.m. for meditation practice, and we're open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

"Where is the Shambhala Center Located?"
The center is located in downtown Philadelphia at 2030 Sansom Street near Rittenhouse Square. Click here for directions to the center.

"What is your telephone number?"
Our telephone number is (215) 568-6070.