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Shambhala Meditation

     The basic meditation practice we present here at the Shambhala Center is called shamatha/vipassana. These are sanskrit words meaning "calm abiding" and "clear seeing" respectively. Shamatha is a practice using the breath as an object of focus and is designed to quiet our mind by gently bringing it to rest on the breath. Over time, our mind becomes quieter and more spacious which is where the vipassana element comes in. Having a quiet mind makes it possible for us to see our world and ourselves more clearly. Along with this clarity comes a level of confidence in our ability to work with the world.
     This practice has been in use for over 2500 years and while it is ancient, it is also completely up-to-date and is especially useful in the fast paced world in which we live. Having a quiet, clear mind is an excellent starting place whether you're interested in simply improving your concentration or in deepening your spiritual life.
     If you are interested in learning this meditation technique, there are several avenues open to you. If you are clear that this path is for you and you would like to leap into the pool, taking Shambhala Training Level I is an intense introduction to meditation of this type. This is a weekend program that gives you the basic instruction and allows you plenty of time to try it out and ask questions and get feedback on the practice.
     Another possibility is taking part in one of our periodic How to Meditate programs which take place on some Thursday evenings and Saturdays. This instruction is also in a group setting and has time for discussion and questions but is for a shorter period of time.
     The other avenue for getting meditation instruction is by making an appointment for individual instruction with a meditation instructor. .
     If you have any questions about meditation or are interested in arranging individual meditation instruction, please call the center and leave a message, or click here to send an email to the person who arranges the appointments with meditation instructors.