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Shambhala Training

      Shambhala Training is a program which teaches the practice of the discipline of wakefulness. It is not a religion, but it leads one to appreciate the depth and vitality of whatever religion one might practice. It is a spiritual path grounded in the sitting practice of meditation, suitable for people of any religion, as well as for those who profess no religious affiliation at all.
     Shambhala Training cultivates unconditional confidence and sanity in an environment designed to heighten the precision and simplicity that result from the practice of meditation. It is the straightforward practice of being what we are, fearlessly and without hesitation. By discovering our own awakened nature through the practice of meditation, we can uplift our state of mind and then extend our gentleness and wisdom to the world around us.
     Shambhala Training is presented initially in a series of five weekend programs which bring about progressive spiritual development. Each weekend consists of a series of talks by a senior student, individual meetings with a meditation instructor, group discussions, and periods of the practice of sitting meditation. In addition, a participant may select a practice instructor to meet with on an ongoing basis between weekends if the participant wishes. The combination of all these elements is somehow profoundly and unexpectedly moving. Consequently, participants typically find themselves making surprising progress from one weekend to the next.
     The practice of meditation is one with potential for infinite depth. However, many people, after beginning a meditation practice, become frustrated and perhaps abandon it because they cannot find their way to the next step. Shambhala Training, through its series of weekend workshops and through the individual's meditation practice between workshops, provides a structure to support and guide people further as they progress along their spiritual path.
     A deeper experience of meditation is found when meditation is engaged in for extended periods. While most people are not able to accomplish this on their own, the supportive environment of Shambhala Training weekend workshops provide the context to make extended periods of meditation possible to the beginner.
     Finally, Shambhala Training emphasizes both a deepening experience of meditation and an integration of that experience into daily life so that one is able to change one's own life and environment. From this point of view, it is entirely practical. Since it is a non-religious practice of spirituality, it does not express itself in religious terms. Instead, everyday experience provides all the inspiration necessary to discover and express its spiritual realization.

     Shambhala Training has a variety of programs which are divided into two basic groups,

    the Heart of Warriorship Program

    and the Sacred Path of the Warrior Program.

It is required that students complete the Heart of Warriorship program before enrolling in the Sacred Path program. 
    Other information about Shambhala Training is available from the web site at our international headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    If you are interested in taking a Shambhala Training program, please see our Shambhala Training Schedule Shambhala Training Schedule for a listing of upcoming programs. 

     We would like to offer you a warm invitation to attend our Shambhala Training Programs. The majority of the programs take place in one weekend beginning Friday night and going until early Sunday evening. The first program in the series is Level I entitled, "The Art of Being Human" which costs $100. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mark DiCampli at shtraining@philashambhala.org. We look forward to serving you in your spiritual development.